Tightness in ones body either due to injury or overuse will change the way you move, feel and perform. The tightness you feel is not necessarily related to tight muscles. Our bodies have something called 'fascia' that is meant to glide and assist movement between our muscles, ligaments tendons. If the fascia is unable to glide effecitively it can then cause your muscles to contract more than they need to. Change in contraction = change in function. With athletic training, overuse injuries are on top of the list. 

This is where Active Release Technique (A.R.T) is extremely powerful. Compared to traditional massage, A.R.T works when you work. That is, by mimicking the tissue/muscle or tendons movement and applying tension you can effectively strip the tightness away and allow the tissue to work in its normal functioning state. Active Release Technique has been shown to be beneficial in cases such carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, sciatica, nerve entrapments including many other body movement disorders.

Below are the 5 benefits of Active Release Technique: 

1. Improved mobility in the body

2. Reduction in pain

3. Improved range of movement (ROM) 

3. Quick results

5. Improved performance and function


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