It constantly amazes my patients  (myself included) who have tried various forms of treatment for their complaint with no change, to then finally figure out that it was their old scar on their elbow having knocked it as a teenager, or even from an old piercing that was creating their problem.

BS I hear you say. Hang on one second, let me explain with an analogy.

Our body is not much different from a computer. We have our physical component (hardware) and the brain with its associated motor patterns (software).

Like the computer, we are born with pre-installed software to help Coordinate the body's movement, this is known as motor control. 

Now let's introduce scar tissue. Scar tissue moves different, feels different and acts different to your normal tissue. More to the point, scar tissue likes to disrupt the signal from the brain to its desired location. Some what similar of what a virus does to your computer. It makes it work different, maybe even more slow than usual and down right annoying. 

Now back to your body, if your scar tissue is changing the way that pathway is being received expect your body to change the way it acts and moves, down repetitively this certainly can lead to low back, neck or even jaw pain.

Neurokinetic Therapy is an assesment tool used at Kinetic Healthcare to determine if your brain and its pathways are being compromised by scars or old injuries which may be a cause to your pain. 

Moral of the story, just cause it hurts there doesn't' mean your problem is there.

Don't just guess. Have it assessed.

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