Great we got your attention.


There is so much discussion around sitting, in particular relating it to being the ‘new smoking’ issue. More to the point, with the implementation of standing work stations it has been made out that sitting is like the anti-Christ.


We wanted to set the record straight via this blog. Now lets look at cyclists, particularly road cylists (race bikes). We can all agree that there posture are thatsimilar to sitting posture. We can also agree that they are some of the fittest and healthiest people on the planet. What is the difference? There body is in constant movement. There legs are constantly in motion to propel the bike forward, there upper body position constantly changes with change of the slope of the road.


The point is this, there bodies are being challenged to meet the demands given to it. Now lets compare that to sitting posture someone would use at work. It is static. There is no movement what so ever. It is the static postures with no change in movement that are the primary causes in many chronic health conditions, low back and neck disorders and even breathing disorders.


I am not telling you to convert your workstation into a human hamster wheel.  However implementing movement whilst sitting would be a good start. Move your legs whilst sitting, change your posture, get up every twenty minutes and walk around, do some squats.


Whatever it may give your body a stimulus to respond to. Remember every action has a reaction so make sure you give your body the best it deserves.


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