Are you waking up in the morning and finding your first few steps to be agonizing? Or dread having to get out of your chairdue to the pain in the sole of your foot? If you have some of these signs/symptoms then you may have what clinicians commonly refer to as ‘ Plantar fasciitis’ or pain in the sole of the foot.


Now before you jump on to whatever apparatus you use to release your foot, because you have been told it is tight, were you ever told why it was tight in the first place?


Your body normally takes the path of least resistance and more often if it loses stability in your mid-section (Your core), your brain will put the brakes else where to get support, such as your calves. Due to your calves now being short and tight, your plantar fascia (tendon/tissue under the sole of your feet) consequently gets tight and overworked.



Instead of releasing it, why not look at strengthening it instead. It is opposite to what you have been told, but doing the same thing as everyone is getting you the same results over and over.


Bear in mind, that this does not hold true for everyone as we are all unique and each person will present with a different biomechanical model. The purpose of this post is to have you challenge the status quo and try something different to get different results. As Michallengello once said “To do the same thing over and over and get different results is madness”.


If you think you have plantar fasciitis or a foot problem for that matter, don’t guess, get assessed.


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