If only we had a $1 every time someone came in and told us of their pain in the back of their shoulder. You know the spot, right in between your spine and shoulder blade. You have may have even tried to get a ball or someone’s thumb and place it directly on that spot. Sure, it may have changed but our question to you is ‘for how long’?

A lot of the time the site of pain is not necessarily the problematic area. This is, as one of our famous lecturers from university would say, ‘ A trap for you young players’.

So how can you definitively, no questions asked, with certainty say that is not the problem? Well let’s dig a little deeper and ask you a few more questions.

  1. Do you sometimes get a referral to the side of your arm or shoulder?

  2. Are you more aware of the symptoms in the evening, do you get occasional pin and needles to your fingers? More so, do you feel the need to bring your arm overhead to reduce those symptoms?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then we can tell you that is not coming from your shoulder blade but ‘potentially’ from your neck. We say potentially as there are other co-factors that need to be ruled out but it is a common area. This is where it now gets interesting, as we like to dig a little deeper. Why is your neck compensating, which other areas of your body not playing nice that may be affecting your neck. Again, treating the site of pain will not give you long-term relief.

Where to from here?

Go see a therapist that does a thorough history, examination and has a good knack in understanding in human movement. Thankfully we at Kinetic Healthcare, tick all three of those boxes. Not only are we good at assessing human movement we obsess over it. Think of us as being Sherlock Holmes for your bodies pain.

Do yourself and your body a favour and book an appointment below or call the clinic directly on (02) 8091 6745