Our Chiropractic practice serving the Camden region thrives on over under promising, and over delivery to all it’s clients. Many people comment that they never have had this type of treatment before and that it is very thorough. We like to think so as well. We take the time in hearing our client’s body issues, to us you are not a number but an individual with a unique complaint that needs to be treated accordingly.  We will pick the best technique; whether dry needling, soft tissue release techniques such as ART (Active Release Technique), traditional chiropractic manipulations/mobilisations paired with a strong rehabilitation exercise program to get you out of pain quickly and get you back to do what you love to do. Our approach is to provide good old-fashioned customer service to the people of Camden and let the results of our clients speak for itself.   Do you want to get on top of your pain once and for all? Call us directly on (02) 8091 6745 or email the clinic on

Kinetic Healthcare Narellan Clinic
17/1 Elyard St Narellan, NSW 2567 Australia
(02) 8091 6745