One of the most common questions I get asked is : 'what is dry needling and how is it different to traditional Chinese/Eastern acupuncture'.

Great question. 

First of all the needles used in dry needling and traditional Chinese acupuncture are exactly the same. The main differences lay between the philosophies of the two. 

Dry needling works on the concept of reducing muscular tension/ tight spots by inserting the needle into a taut band of muscle. Increasing blood flow to an injured site whilst reducing muscular tension helps to accelerate the healing process.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture incorporates body meridians otherwise known as <em>chi</em>. A TCM practitioner looks for areas of 'stagnation' within the body that is not flowing properly. By restoring the chi of the body the body can return to its normal functioning state.

As a chiropractor, I find dry needling extremely effective in treating elbow tendinitis, shoulder impingement, runners knee and many other sporting injuries.

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