The reasons for cracking one’s own back are many. Some do it for pain relief, others cause they simply like it. However the question we really must answer is should you really be doing it yourself?

Mobility or an increase in ones movement is an essential aspect in maintaining a healthy functioning body. However, what if the joint that you are moving is already too mobile otherwise known as ‘unstable’? Well, continually ‘cracking that segment will make it more loose.

Imagine a hinge on a door that is a bit wobbly, you go tighten the screws that are already tight but ignore the loose ones. Over time that hinge, like your back will become unstable and come of from the frame. Our bodies on the other hand, will develop wear and tear such joint arthritis, disc degeneration or look for stability further up or down the chain in our bodies.

While it is important to get the ‘right’ joint moving by a qualified health profession, it is also important to work out why the joint was tightening up or compensating in the first place.

Getting a thorugh history and finding a health professional with an appreciation of how the body functions is always crucial.

Take home message.

Stop cracking your back. Find out the real reason why it got stiff in the first place. 

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